From a professional focus I wanted to tell you what a GREAT job your firm and your specific team assigned has done at the Davis Companies - Edens outdoor patio project. From concept, to design, to selection of products to completion on schedule (whew!) is nothing but 1st class!

That building has been redefined inside with many needed improvements including a rock star management group and what you have done outside completes the entire visual, operational and functional message our firms leasing and management team had envisioned. I know as I walked up to the building personally today with our ownership at my side that they were not simply pleased but ecstatic with the completed project.

PLEASE – PLEASE communicate to your team our sincere appreciation with the results. You clearly exceeded expectations from my perspective and no doubt confirmed via the huge efforts at the 11th hour that you can always “be trusted to do what you say you will do!”

David A Petersen
Chief Executive Officer
NAI Hiffman, Oakbrook Terrace, IL




Good afternoon Bruce,

I planned on writing you a note right after the landscaping season ended last year, but I have a bad habit of waiting for uninterrupted time to write something meaningful. As I'm sure you know there is no such thing as uninterrupted time. Autumn quickly pushed us head-first into winter and it has been relentless ever since. I don't ever remember wanting to see spring so badly as I do this year. 

Our landscaping season last year was the best we've ever had. Our site looks better and better each year. It was wonderful to have received so many compliments from so many different people. So many of your employees (including the administrative folks) had their hand in making that happen and I am grateful to each and every one of them. I can't even begin to tell you how much work was completed at the end of the year at lightning speed.

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all you and your crews do for us. I know there have been a few hiccups along the way, but none that are insurmountable. With as much face-time as the guys have here, to do all they do without any kind of injury is what it is all about for me. This in an incredibly demanding site and with all the process and procedural changes BP is continually making, that pressure is not likely to decrease. Don't forget...I feel it too! I am a contractor for BP just as you are. I happen to be the lucky one because you guys do a great job making me, and our site shine. Considering the work you do, especially on the snow removal side, that is not an easy task. I have been working for 28 years, and this is by far the most stressful and thankless job I've ever had. On the other hand, nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than seeing our site look as good as it does, regardless the season. In fact, we were used as an example of going above and beyond for BP in yesterday's town hall meeting. They made a point of comparing our site to the municipal roads and how much better we did than entire municipalities this winter! How great is that!?!?

Everyone I've worked with on the BEI side of the house and the HSS side of the house have been incredibly helpful and immediately responsive to any request...in particular those I've thrown at them.

Thanks to you for a few of the best seasons I've had in my seven-plus years here on the BP campus. Let's have many more!


Dawn Johnson

CBRE - BP Facilities Coordinator




A big thank you to whomever helped one of our employees this morning!  She had to drop off a rental car today, so left it in our lot late yesterday. Your crew had neatly cleared around it already, so she came in and got a shovel to hand clear the area in order to pull out this morning. Whomever was here doing final touches to clean up around 6:30 a.m. very nicely helped her with this work and shrugged off her persistent thank you's. So I want to relay it directly, it was much appreciated. She is a hearty soul who travels to/from work via public transportation each day and is used to the cold, but was so appreciative of the unexpected help.

Cecilia Herdegen
Alliance for Audited Media




Just want to say THANKS for a great job the crew has done here at AAOS during the extended snow event over the last few days. They have been here as needed around the clock for the last 3 plus days taking care of our needs. The excellent service is greatly appreciated!

Wayne Foernssler
AAOS Chief Engineer




We used them to seal and stripe the asphalt for our Townhome Association. They are reliable and professional. They show up on time, use high quality materials and their work is very well done. We will use them again and highly recommend them!




Great job. Easy to work with. Good price. Quality material. Good striping quality. They seal coated our 48 unit condo parking lot.




While other bidders offered a lower price, we chose HSS because we felt their proposal did not cut corners on what was needed for a proper repair of our parking lot, at a price that was fair and competitive.